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I decided to share some adorable pics one of the Vets at CVRC took with quotes for the update for sweet Molly.   Cute does not even begin to describe how adorable and fitting these are.  Molly has had more surgery in the course of a month than any of our dogs in a while.  First, we had to remove her massive mammary gland tumors. Then we had to stop her surgery because of her heart condition and do more surgery to remove the smaller tumors.  She then developed a hernia that had to be repaired and because of her heart condition we could not remove the balance of the tumors, and she still has to have more surgery. 


Through it all, Molly has been nothing but a DELIGHT to work with.  Nothing bothers her.   Her abdomen has been stapled shut so many times that she needs a zipper.   She could care less about any of it.  The only thing sweet Molly cares about is laying in your lap and giving kisses, all day long.


She is by far one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had.    She loves everyone and every animal.  Nothing bothers her.   It is a disgrace her prior Owners did not love her the way she deserved.   They allowed her tumors to grow and kept breeding her without any regard for her health and then when they were done with her, she was abandoned.  


Those days are over, and it is nothing but good times ahead.   Molly is tolerating her Chemo without any complications.   Her blood levels are remaining in the normal range, and her heart meds are keeping her heart stable.   She has a million medical issues going on, and she is beating the odds.  If you can believe the cute pics of her, she is also getting her nails done and having her cuticles taken care of while in the Hospital.    Everyone at the hospital adores her.  Someone is always in the room with Molly.  She is the best snuggler and wraps her body completely around and over you.   She gives floppy a whole new meaning when it is a 100 lb dog.   She has no concept of her size and thinks your lap is where she should always be.  


Molly is alive today because of your love and support.  Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.

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