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I learned a long time ago; there is a never a good time for sad news.   I kept putting off posting that Molly had crossed over the Rainbow  Bridge because it was such a hard reality for me to except.    Our great big girl was doing incredible and had beat all of the odds until her Life took a turn she could not come back from. 


Molly was only supposed to live for a very short period of time that was measured in days and possibly weeks.   She had a terrible heart condition that was compromised by mammary tumors.   When I originally rescued her, they were calling her Baby Girl.  Everyone loved this big girl but knew she was not going to be with us very long.   Once we got Molly over her heart condition, we decided she was strong enough to have her tumors removed.   Molly made it though each procedure and got stronger by the minute.  She had two rare cancers that were deadly, but her chemotherapy appeared to be working, and her cancer was not spreading.


When I picked Molly up from the hospital to bring her to our Rehab Facility, I stopped by my house which was only 15 minutes away for her to get out and walk around.  Molly got out and refused to get back in the car.  She made it very clear that I was not going to make her get back in the car.  I decided to let her stay at my house for a couple of days and keep her separate from the rest of the dogs.  Well, sweet Molly had other plans and decided she was not leaving under ANY circumstances.   After two weeks, I knew this girl had adopted us instead of the other way around, and she was as happy as any dog could be.   Molly had finally found her Home and her Family.   Once I realized what had happened, it was too late.  She had stolen our Hearts without us knowing they were missing.


Molly had an amazing ten months and gained all of her weight back.  She was now weighing 110 pounds and was majestic.   She became my Shadow and was so attached to me that when my Husband would lean down to give me a kiss, she would bite him on the ankle every time.  He got to where he would blow me a kiss across the room because he knew she would nail him if he leaned over me.  We each fell in Love with this big beautiful girl.   Molly had several tumors that had cropped up in the same area her cancer had been removed.  We removed those tumors and sadly several more came back.  The problem was that each time they got bigger and bigger in a shorter period of time, and they were multiplying.  


Molly had the best Oncologists in the World in charge of her care.   The day I realized her tumors were like picking weeks that kept coming back, I knew it was not going to be long before I would have to say good-bye to her.  Molly was still as healthy as an ox which made his diagnosis so hard to believe.   Unfortunately, Molly's tumors became so big that it became hard for her to go to the bathroom since they were in her groin area.   I wrapped her in my arms, and I made arrangements for our vet to come out to the house.


I was not prepared to say good-bye to Molly, but I knew it was time.    For the next two hours, Molly played outside and rolled around on the grass.  The rest of the time, she was right next to me with her head on my shoulder and her body wrapped around me.   I would like to say that I held onto Molly, but the reality is that she held onto me until it was time and then she lay down on her blanket and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.


There is not a day or an hour that goes by that I do not think of this beautiful girl.   Each time one animal passes, they take a piece of our hearts with them.  We get that piece back when we open ourselves up to love another animal.   The Circle of Life continues for those that choose to Love.   Molly and all the other pups we have saved will always live in our Hearts and Souls.  We are the lucky recipients of their unconditional Love.   Tonight when you look up into the Night Sky, look for the brightest Star that twinkles like a heartbeat.   That will be our beautiful girl shining brightly for all the World to see.   She is standing watch over all of us and is our Guardian Angel.


Thanks for making her Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  Molly lived long enough to find her Home and her Family and was loved Unconditionally.   


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