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Sweet Molly had to ride out the Hurricane in the ER because of a Hernia and infection she developed prior to the storm.    Her heart condition had us being overly cautious.  Riding out the storm with her for 18 hours was too risky since her heart beat went so high under normal conditions.   Today they were finally able to get all the surgeons in so they could figure out what the large bulge was she had on her abdomen.


Two weeks ago she went to the hospital because of the bulge.  An x-ray was done, and it did not indicate a hernia but a pocket of fluid which they thought was from her massive surgery.  That is very common and something we were not concerned about.   Warm compresses were used, and the swelling finally went down.  Unfortunately, the day before the Hurricane hit, she developed a large swollen area that became suddenly red and irritated.  


An ultrasound was done late yesterday, and they found a small hernia and also another mass on a lymph node that has to be removed.   Molly is in surgery now to repair the hernia and remove the mass.  We have already started her on Palladia to hopefully keep the cancer she has from spreading.  So far, she is tolerating her Chemotherapy without any issues.


Molly has no clue she is sick.  She is her normal happy go lucky self that loves everyone and thinks Life is Good all the time.  If Molly can't put a smile on your face, then no one can.  You can tell that Molly was a great Mom to all of her litters because she was playing with some young pups and she let them crawl all over her without any problems.  When they would get too rambunctious, she would put her big paw on top of them and do a little growl, and they would all rollover and nuzzle with her.   

We have a lot of dogs in the hospital having surgery today and some that were operated on during the Hurricane.   We are in desperate need of funds to get these animals well.  Please, DONATE, whatever you can when we send a plea around to help as many animals as possible.

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