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Sweet MOLLY did great during her surgical procedure.  She has had so many surgeries in her abdominal area that I feel like we need a way to put a zipper in so we can just unzip it when a new tumor crops up.   While Molly was anesthetized, her surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Au went over her entire body to see if she could feel any other tumors we had missed.  She found several small ones on her mammary chain.   Those were removed in addition to the larger one.


We already know that based on the two cancers Molly has, she will be getting more tumors.   Even with her chemotherapy, she will be getting them.   We are using the chemotherapy to do everything in our power to keep cancer from spreading to her other organs, mostly her lungs which is usually the first place it spreads.   As of today, we are staying ahead of her cancer, and it has not spread.   Molly is on a strict Diet that is very low on the Glycemic Index.  Cancer feeds on sugars and a compromised Immune System.    She is given lots of holistic supplements and raw foods to support a healthy Immune System more in line with Nature.


We know we are not going to be able to make cancer go away completely but are doing all we can to keep it from spreading.   Once that happens, it will just be a matter of time.  Our dear girl has overcome some unbelievable obstacles and has come out on top.  Her quality of Life is amazing.  I would have never believed she would be doing as well as she is today.   So many people thought she should have been put down given her heart issues and the cancers she has.  Thank the Lord I am as stubborn as a Billy Goat and refuse to give up on an animal that is giving their ALL to survive.


Unconditional Love and incredible Medical Care can overcome a Life of pure Hell.   You don't have to have all the money in the World to save an animal.   It starts with reaching out with open arms for an animal in need.    A Hug goes a long way in the Life of an Animal and Mankind.   My philosophy is very simple when it comes to Hugs.  If you give a Hug, you get a Hug in return.   Whenever you see an animal in need, please don't walk or drive by and assume the next person will take care of it.  You ARE the next person.    It starts with you.   Be the Change you want to see in the World and if you are in need a Hug today, then give one.


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