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Sweet Molly was finally well enough to have her Mammary Masses removed.   Her Heart Condition and Upper Respiratory Infection have kept her in ICU for the last 10 days.   Her heart was stable for most of the procedure until the end, and then the Cardiologist had them bring her out because her heartbeat was getting too low.   The large masses on her abdomen were removed, but there are still more on her back that have to be removed during another procedure.  One of the Mammary Masses was one of the largest we have ever removed from that area.   We have removed a lot of tumors, so that is saying a lot.


Molly came out of surgery fine but it still not back to her normal self.  The Cardiologist thinks the meds she is taking to regulate her heartbeat is possibly causing her to feel poorly and making her not want to eat.  Over the next couple of days, we are going to ween her off some of her meds to see if her heartbeat will remain normal.   Since she converted to a normal rhythm quickly the last time from the meds, we believe if she gets out of rhythm again, re-introducing the meds will quickly convert her back again.   Dr. Jesty, her Cardiologist, believes we will have to proceed with taking her to Cincinnati for Ablation Surgery if her overall health does not bounce back while on the meds.


Molly is a big Mastiff that has to eat a certain amount of food to keep up her weight.   She came in thin and has remained thin because she does not feel well enough to eat.  We are coaxing her into eating with all sorts of delicious items just to keep her calories up. Ultimately, we have to get her feeling better so she will want to eat her normal amount of food.


This beautiful pup is a complicated case because of her heart issues.   Everything we do has to be closely monitored to make sure her heart rhythm remains in a normal safe zone. If Molly's heart remained the way is was when she arrived, she would destroy her heart muscle because it is beating so much higher than is safe for a dog to maintain.   The end result would be that she would go into Heart Failure.   We are doing everything possible to prevent that from happening.


During the surgical procedure, the fluid in Molly's abdomen was drained and sent off for analysis.   Her Cardiologist believes the fluid is from her heart condition.  Once the heart issues are resolved that should stop the fluid from collecting.   She has not developed more fluid since it was drained which is good news.


Molly's masses were sent off for biopsies so we can determine if they are benign or cancerous.  The original results have led us to believe they are benign, but her Oncologist thinks they will come back cancerous.  The results should be back in about a week.   Whatever the results are, we will go by the recommendation of her Oncologist and Cardiologist to come up with the best plan for her to have the best Quality of Life.   Keep the prayers coming that Molly does not have Cancer.   The good news is that if she does have cancer, our scans indicate it has not spread to other areas of her body.   The biopsies will let us know if the Surgeon got clean margins when the masses were removed.


Sweet does not even begin to describe how special dear Molly is.   She is a delight for everyone that works with her.  All she wants to do is curl up in your lap and give kisses.   Mastiffs are a special breed that are known for being Gentle Giants.   Molly is not a Giant of a dog but is big and is going to get much bigger once she has gained all her weight back.   Right now, we just have to get her feeling well enough to want to eat.


Molly's Care is outrageously expensive because of all her procedures and Specialists.  We are getting very little in Donations for this amazing dog.   We are proceeding with all of her Medical Care to give her the best possible outcome, but when the funds run out, we will not be able to help other Abuse Cases.   There is only so much I can personally do, and I am already doing that.   Please, Donate toward Molly's Medical Bills so we can help more animals like Molly that have been abandoned and neglected.


Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your Love and Support. 

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