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CHARLOTTE, NC......Sweet 6-year-old Bloodhound Mix picked up as a Stray in Horrible Condition.  This wonderful dog can barely stand with all of the open ulcers she has on her body.  The bony parts of her legs have large Decubital Ulcers from laying on a hard service for long periods of time.    The area loses blood flow, and the skin begins to die and sloughs off or detaches from the body.   Before this happens, the animal is in horrible pain and suffers for quite a while during the process.    It looks like sweet Scarlett was left in a confined area where she could not get up and move around to find comfort for quite a long time.  She is extremely Depressed and appears to have just given up. The best news is that she got free and is now getting the help she needs.  If there is one thing we know how to do, it is to LOVE a dog and inspire them to LIVE.


We were asked to step up when no one else would.   Everyone loves a Hound Dog.  How could you not help this wonderful dog?   In addition to the ulcers, Scarlett has Demodex and a terrible skin infection.    Her blood panel is all over the place, and she has lots of parasites.   We are hoping her blood will stabilize once we get her infection under control.   Her ulcers will have to be surgically cleaned and debrided so new tissue will form and then the areas will be surgically joined.   Decubital Ulcers are not fun to treat because it is a very long process and to keep the area from becoming infected.   We do everything possible with our large dogs to make sure when they are non-ambulatory, they are on very thick orthopedic beds, and they do not get off the beds.


Scarlett is going to make a wonderful Family Pet once she heals.   She is going to be famous for her beautiful coloring.   Please, help us with this beautiful dog.   She will be with us for quite a while healing her ulcers and skin.   Thanks for caring about our dear pups.

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