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Sweet Scarlett is still in the Hospital.   My intention was to get her out and into a Foster Home but her lab results came back that she still has MRSA.  She has improved in some areas, but the fact she still has it would put other animals and people at risk.  Even with proper training, she requires a lot of medical care.   Our dear girl is a very difficult case and is not one we are going to give up on.


What I did decide after talking to all of the Specialists that I work with was to move her to another ER Hospital.  A new set of eyes would put a different perspective on her medical condition, and a change of scenery would be good for Scarlett.  Our wonderful girl went on a Road Trip to Charlotte, NC to Carolina Veterinary Specialists.   She was delighted being in the back of the SUV with her big bed watching all of the cars go by.    If it were up to her, she would have wanted the hospital to be in Canada so that she could stay in the car and ride for days. 


I had a Special Orthopedic foam bed made for Scarlett that has a waterproof cover.   She has several outer soft covers that can be washed daily, so she always has a clean bed to sleep on.   CVS has her in a really large run that her bed fits in perfectly.  She is still in quarantine and has a special area where only she is allowed to go.   According to Scarlett, "Life is Good."  The Specialists are re-evaluating all of her medical records and taking her off drugs that do not appear to be working.  The biggest problem is that she is still itching. We have decided that even though we cannot see any scabies, we are going to start treating her for it.  An animal can have scabies but still have a negative test result. We have started her new protocol today. Scarlett's ulcers are healing beautifully and are not showing any signs of infection.  We know there is some from the test results, but the antibiotic appears to be working.    


Our biggest issue is the skin problem.  She is beginning to get hair back, but her skin is still too irritated and inflamed.  Every day, Scarlett has a Spa Day.  She gets lathered up from one end to the other with her medicated shampoo.   She loves her baths so much that she falls asleep or just lays there moaning with pure Joy.  Everyone gets excited when it is time to bathe Scarlett because she is so happy then.   


Our sweet girl is still in ICU but a different place, with a new set of eyes.   She has an incredible team of Specialists and Vet Techs that are making sure she gets lots of TLC and is always being loved on. We could use any amount of donation you could spare to go towards her enormous bills.  I have been generously donating to try and stay on top of her care, but there is only so much I can do. Thanks for all you have done for this amazing dog.  We greatly appreciate your love and support.

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