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Today was one of the hardest days I have had to experience in ten years of saving Abused Animals.  We had to say Good-Bye to dear Scarlett.  The infection she had on her elbow came back with a vengeance.   This time, it was even more resistant than it was months before.  The Skin Disease she had improved 1000%.  Her fur was coming back, and she felt great and was HAPPY.  The problem is that the medications to help her skin, prevented her wounds from healing and the bacteria kept growing.   If we took her off her Skin Medications, her wounds would begin to heal, but her Skin Disease would flare up along with the worst itching you could ever imagine.   Each time we change her antibiotic, she becomes resistant to it, and now she .has a Super Bug that we cannot treat with anything.   Within days of stopping some meds and changing others, our happy girl was going to be miserable.  It was going to be a downward spiral that was inhumane for me to put her through, given what I already knew. 


I looked at Scarlett's Happy Face and saw pure LOVE.   Her eyes were shining like Diamonds.   She knew unconditional Love and also knew we had gone as far as we could go together.   My Heart Broke when I realized what I had to do, and I think Scarlett knew it also.   I did not want to say Good-Bye to her, but I knew this was what was best for Scarlett.   Knowing what I knew was ahead for her, I did not want her to suffer one more day.  I wanted her to have the best day ever and then gently, cross over the Rainbow Bridge.


Scarlett had a picnic outside of Vienna Sausage and Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting.   She was surrounded by people that loved and adored her.   She was in Heaven.   She got to experience Unconditional Love and she felt Great.   As hard as this decision was for ME, it was the right decision for Scarlett.   This beautiful dog taught us so much and will forever be a big part of Noah's Arks Rescue.    We didn't get the outcome we wanted, but we did give Scarlett the Gift of Unconditional Love and Support, and she got to be a Dog that was Adored.   


I want to thank all of the Volunteers, Vets and Vet Tech that gave so much Love to this wonderful girl during her struggles to heal.  Her Journey was one of pure Love.  Everyone gave their all when it came to Scarlett.    Her incredible Strength and Determination, inspired us all to never give up or give in to adversity.  Scarlett came into our lives for a reason and she will always be remembered for her Unconditional Love.


Tonight when you look up in the sky, look for an area that sparkles like Diamonds.  That will be our dear Scarlett.   She is letting us all know that she is happy and okay.   Her big, beautiful, floppy ears are flying through the air with her new Golden Angel Wings.   Thanks for making her Journey to find Love Possible.   We greatly appreciate your unconditional Love and Support.

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