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Sweet Scarlett is still with us and showing us all that she wants to be here.    We have had a lot of dogs with terrible skin issues and decubital ulcers, but dear Scarlett seems to be our most difficult case.   Anytime you have ulcers with MRSP and are also dealing a skin condition Pemphigus Foliaceus (PF), you have complications.    PF is an autoimmune skin disorder characterized by the loss of intercellular adhesion of skin cells on the outmost layer, resulting in the formation of superficial blisters.   The main medical issues we have been dealing with is that MRSP, Scabies, and Pemphigus are conflicting Diseases.  The medication we give for one, causes the other to flare up.  It has been a constant juggling act that her Veterinary Specialists have been dealing with for months.   The good news is that we have made tremendous progress because of their level of knowledge and perseverance.  


Scarlett's Dermatology Team led by Dr. Randy Thomas has done everything but jump over tall buildings to get her where she is today.   She is here because they have not given up on her or US.    When I was at my most conflicted about whether to say Good-Bye to Scarlett, Dr. Thomas sent me a Muhammed Ali quote that said, "Don't count the days.  Make the days count."   That small quote spoke volumes about what it means day in and day out in saving abused animals.   Most of the time, all we have is that one day to get the animal back on track.  It is always one day at a time until they are well.


Scarlett's Journey began a long time ago, but for us, each day tells a new Story.   We are way past the point of giving up or giving into her conditions.   Scarlett's new Chapter is changing up her meds another time to balance the irritation she has on her one elbow to keep another Decubital Ulcer from forming.  


Each day has to count for Scarlett.   We can't sit around and hope what we are doing is working.  We have to act quickly when something changes to counteract it or keep the course because it is working.   Scarlett is doing the hard work by not giving up.   She has become very vocal and now has a giddy-up in her step that shows us daily how well she is feeling.


Please, don't give up on us and what we have to do to get her well.    Her bills are constant, and it seems like we will never get control of them because there will always be more.    DONATE toward Scarlett's Journey to Heal.   We need for everyone to continue giving to this amazing dog so we can continue her Life-Saving Medical Care.     Scarlett would have died a horrible death a long time ago without this, and we would have never known the Pure Joy that we now get to experience with her.    She is Happy, and that is our greatest Miracle.  

Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Survive and Thrive, possible.  We greatly appreciate your continued Love and Support for dear Scarlett.

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