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LUKE (Great Dane)

Our sweet boy had another big day with bandage changes and more tests.    He tests confirmed he could come to the Rehab Facility for a couple of days but then had to go back to ICU.  We have a Vet coming into the Rehab Center for bandage changes and to monitor his progress.


Luke's culture results are still pending and will be for a while because we are doing an extended panel to see what grows after a week.  We will get preliminary results in but it is the final result that will give us the most reliable information.  The good news (as you can see from the picture) is the tissue on his mangled limb is granulating in.   He is on new antibiotics which appear to be working.


Luke's low-grade Heart Murmur his Cardiologist believes is from being starved.  Even though it did not present itself initially, it was just a matter of time before it became pronounced enough to hear.   She feels it will resolve once he regains his body mass and his body is metabolically balanced.  


When Luke arrived late yesterday at our Facility, he was a happy boy that was glad to see everyone.   An animal as sick as Luke has to have something to look forward to, or they will give up and Die.   Being out of the Hospital, for even a short time, does wonder for an abused animal's mental state.   We want Luke to be in a peaceful environment where he can mentally and physically relax.  He will get to go on short walks and be outside with a big coat on to give him warmth — lots and lots of fresh air to help him with his Respiratory Infection.  Today is going to be a great day for our Gentle Giant.


Our next update will be tomorrow unless something significant happens today.  Critical updates will be posted immediately on his webpage.  No News is Good News.    We will be posting for other Abused Animals we have taken in that are in need of primary Medical Care to survive.  


For those of you that are new to Noah's Arks Rescue, we take in Abused Dogs that are scheduled to be Euthanized.  They go directly to the Hospitals because they are Critical.  Not all are as critical as Luke, but each will Die without Medical Intervention if we do not Speak-Up for them.  


I realize some of you only want to hear about Luke.  We do not have the ability or time to separate those for Luke out of our extensive Newsletter List.   Feel free to remove your name from our list with a click of a button at the bottom of each mailer.  You will still be able to read his updates on his web page or Facebook just not sent directly to you.   We save Abused Animals, and all of our focus has got to be on doing just that.  


A lot has been written in the papers, on TV and the internet about Luke.  Our Gentle Giant has definitely gone Viral.  I have told all of the news crews they can take any info they need from Luke's web pages along with pics we have posted.   I DO NOT do interviews because I do not have time to.   I choose to focus on getting our animals well and saving the Abused that no one else wanted.  My voice is in every note and update that is written because I am the one writing them.   The updates and notes are the ultimate Interviews.  I choose to Focus on saving these Animals the only way I know how by directing all of my Energy and Love on Saving them.    

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