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LUKE (Great Dane)

Luke is undoubtedly keeping each of us on our toes.  He appears to be the new Manager for our Gift Store / Fetch Mkt.   We had boxes of new items that arrived the other day, and he demanded we open the boxes and put the items away.  He then tried to check out a customer who was quite amusing for everyone.  It is too funny to walk in the store and have the body of a small horse look at you like he is the one in charge.


As you can see from the photos, Luke is feeling fantastic.  Aside from the fact he is still emaciated and is missing half a leg, he looks pretty darn good.   We are past the point of Re-Feeding Syndrome but are still dealing with a little bit of GI issues which his Internist is working on.   I think it has more to do with his body still adapting to food than anything else.


His pseudomonas infection has become a big concern.  He has bandage changes each day, but the infection is still raging.   Even though Luke is on the appropriate antibiotic, it takes time with his body so malnourished.  We are also using a lot of holistic items to get a handle on this, but so far it is a slow process.   No surgery until the infection is gone.  If the infection gets worse, then the leg will have to go.    I am quite surprised we are still dealing with this.   Luke's body has to get stronger to fight the infection which hopefully will be soon.   


Our sweet boy has made a lot of progress in a short period.   He loves being at the Rehab Facility and Fetch Mkt and really loves the big bed in my office.   He is so relaxed and comfortable that he does not even realize when he has slid off the bed and onto the floor.   


Luke's leg does not seem to bother him at all.  The bandage changes keep the leg from hurting and are also very soothing for him.  Luke appears to be oblivious to all of the Medical Care that is required to keep him healthy.  All he knows is the food keeps coming and whatever the pills are they taste really good wrapped in the meatballs.   He has us wrapped around his big paws in so many ways.  All of the other pups look at him, like who does he think he is getting all this attention.


Don't forget that No News is Good News.  If anything changes, we will send out an immediate update.  Warm hugs to everyone. Have a very blessed Friday.

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