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LUKE (Great Dane)

It is a dreadful day in the Lowcountry for us and the pups.  It has been non-stop raining for the last sixteen hours and is not even thinking about stopping.  When it does end, the temperature is going to drop significantly.  The pups will go from Raincoats this morning to Coats this afternoon so they can get some fresh air and outside play time.  The Staff used to give me a hard time about all of the big raincoats and huge umbrellas I bring in for them.  Not today.   Everyone is grateful for the extra protection, including the pups.   Raingear means you get to go on walks outside, which every pup loves.


Luke is steadily improving.  Dr. Markay is staying on top of his Wound Care.  We have spoken to several prosthetic companies that believe they can make a workable prosthetic for Luke if we can stop the infection from spreading.  The place where Luke chewed his leg off does not leave us a lot of room to attach a, but we are hopeful one can be designed for our sweet boy.


We will not be doing a post tomorrow unless Luke's Medical Condition changes but will be the next day.  Instead, we have to focus on the other critical case we have rescued that are in need of Medical Care.  We will start posting on those tomorrow.   Have a very blessed Sunday filled with lots of Hugs and Love for Man's Best Friend.

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