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Our sweet Bubbles is doing incredible since her surgery.  The swelling is going down in her face and the drainage has begun to slow down in her eye area.  We are waiting for the culture to come back from the drainage to make sure we have her on the best antibiotic for her infection.  Her Spirits could not be any better.  She is the happiest girl that loves to run around and play.  She is always smiling and has the happiest disposition.  We love this incredible dog.  If we are having a bad day, all we have to do is think of Bubbles and all she has endured to be where she is today and we immediately put on our Happy Face just like Bubbles.  Her stitches around the eye area will not be removed for another two weeks as long as her infection keeps improving.  The skin over the eye is protecting the eye so it will not dry out while the eye, tear ducts, etc do their best to restore their normal function.  We are still hopeful we can restore some sight to that eye.  Having one eye has not caused Bubbles any issues at all.  She is running around as if she has two eyes.  By removing the tumor, we restored the full vision of her right eye which had been blocked by the tumor.  She probably feels like she has sight in both eyes now because of that.  


We have been getting so many calls and e-mails concerning the Surgical Team that worked on Bubbles that we have decided today is a good day to give you their names.  We are hopeful this information will allow a lot of people that are dealing with the same type of tumor on the head of their dogs to get the Life-Saving surgical and medical care Bubbles received.  The surgical procedure, which was led by Dr. Nick Bacon, Vet.M.B., the Imparato Endowed Associate Professor in Surgical Oncology and Chief of the oncology service at the UF Veterinary Hospitals.  Also assisting in the procedure was Sarah Boston, D.V.M., D.V.Sc., an Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology at UF and Veterinary Student Kimberly Herron.  The original Oncologist that found the best team for this procedure is Dr. Kerry Rissetto at CVRC in Charleston, SC.  In other words, Bubbles had the best of the best.   We have supplied the Contact information for the Surgical Oncology Group below at the University of Florida.


Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
2015 SW 16th AV
Gainesville, FL  32610-0126
FAX 352-846-2445

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