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Our sweet girl arrived in Missouri on Sunday night to begin her Journey on Monday morning with all of the tests.  The best news of all is that she did have uptake during the scan which means she is a candidate for the Samarium treatment.  Her scans also showed that the tumors in her lungs are also growing much faster than we had anticipated.   Her only chance to beat this is with the Samarium treatment.  


Bubbles had her treatment of Samarium yesterday.  Since this is a radiation therapy, she has to be in quarantine for an entire month.  During the first week she can have very little contact with anyone because she is still radioactive.  Radiation protection procedures are strict during the first month.  Each week she can have more time with people but only on a limited basis.    Bubbles will be staying at the cancer center for the first 10 days until it is safe for her to be in a car with a driver for the long drive home.   She will remain in quarantine with us until her quarantine is up.   At that time, she will be going to her new home.   Pray hard and pray long that this works for her.  This is her ONLY shot to get rid of the cancer and to keep it at bay.   We hate seeing our sweet bubbly girl in isolation but we have no choice but to adhere to the safety measures that are set in place.


Samarium is a very expensive treatment for cancer in animals and people.  If you are a candidate for it, it can be a life-saver.    When it comes to the animals in our care, we do whatever it takes to save them.   We have had to look outside the box of normal care since we first took on Bubbles.   Her Journey has been one of love and dedication to do whatever is best for her.   Her Quality of Life is always our top priority.   That is still true today.   


The pictures are not the best since they are being taken in a controlled environment.   We apologize for them but we did want you to be part of her Journey and see how she is doing.    Bubbles is tolerating her treatment well and has the best bloodwork the doctor's have ever seen for an animal that has been through as much as she has.    She is still our Rock Star and proves time and time again that she is up to the task of LIVING in the present moment. 

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