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Bubbles is doing great.  Her cultures came back positive for a very resistant E-Coli and Enterococcus.  We immediately started her on the necessary antibiotics along with extra IV fluids to protect her kidneys in the process of her treatment.  Bubbles is the happiest girl.  She literally acts as if she is two years old and never had a care in the world.   She loves being outside running around.  Because she still has sutures in, she is not allowed to play with other dogs.   As soon as the stitches are out, that will change and she will be able to go outside and play to her heart's content along with other dogs.  Bubbles has an appointment to have all but her eye stitches removed tomorrow.  If the infections have prevented some of the areas to not heal as they should have, the stitches will not be removed.   We will then wait until the antibiotics have begun to clear up the infection and the areas have healed enough for us to remove the stitches.  

We will not be doing any chemotherapy until after Bubbles is free from all infection and the wounds have healed.  That should be in about six weeks.  Bubbles is gaining weight and eating like a horse.  If I hadn't seen the tumor and been around Bubbles when she had it, I would never have believed this is the same dog.  Her entire demeanor has changed.  She was sweet before but was tired and worn out from carrying around a 9 pound ball that was attached to her head.  She now holds her head fully erect and runs around and plays.   It is great seeing her play with a big ball in the back yard.  The other aspect she seems to be loving is getting her head into a food bowl just like a regular dog would.  I have seen her several times start to drink water and then maneuver her head to fit into the bowl a certain way.   She then suddenly realizes that she does not have to do that any more and dives right in the bowl as a child would.  

Bubbles is a true Miracle of what is possible when you believe the Impossible is Possible.  I have my own reference that I use for every animal that I rescue.  It is something I realized years ago after saving so many animals that the rest of the World gave up on.   At the Intersection of Courage and Mercy is HOPE.   Courage has to come from the animals WILL to Live and Mercy has to come from the COURAGE it takes to know when it is not there.   In between those two critical points you will find HOPE.   Miracles happen every day at Noah's Arks Rescue.  It comes from the strength of seeing what is possible when all around you is falling apart and choosing HOPE.  Thanks for being our Guardian Angels and theirs.  




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