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Beautiful BUBBLES is still recovering from the surgical biopsy we did on Monday.  It was pretty big surgery for her given the condition she was in.  She wasn't under anesthesia long but going into the mass to get to where the tumor originated was tricky.  The surgeon had to go through the center of the mass to get to the boney area of her cheekbone to get the biopsy.  She has been resting comfortably since then and has been on oral pain meds to keep her comfortable.  The core of the mass was filled with blood that been draining into it.  When we went directly through the mass, a lot of the blood drained out and she also bled from the incision.  Her anemia is slightly worse from the procedure but not enough to merit a transfusion at this time.  The anemia has caused her to be a little down and tired from the blood loss.  She is being closely monitored 24 / 7 to make sure the mass is not changing or showing any signs of rupturing.  We still have not gotten the biopsy results back and will not until probably Friday.  Bubbles is in an area of the ER where she can be closely monitored but can also get some much needed rest.  We don't know how long she was on her own but based on the condition she was found in, she has been wandering around for a while.  She is eating great and is thoroughly enjoying a nice warm, thick bed to lay on.  Rest is the best thing for her right now so she can build up her blood and also put on some much needed weight.  Vet Techs and Doctors are loving on her every chance they get.  We are all being very respectful of the fact that she needs her rest and to not keep disturbing her just because we want to show her how much we care and love her.  This is a very complicated case.  We are dealing with a lot of unknowns.  We have to be very methodical to determine the best course of action.  Her biopsy is going to tell us  what the next step will be.  We have already spoken to several Nuclear Oncologists to find the best one for her that will have the machine she will possibly be needing.  We ask everyone to be as PATIENT as we are having to be.  Bubbles also needs this time to build up her health.  She has a lot going on and right now she needs to heal from her recent surgery.  Her mass is very unstable.  As soon as we get her results back, we will let everyone know the results.  Hang in there and say lots of prayers for this amazingly sweet dog.  She waited all her Life for someone to care about her.  We do and we are not going to let her down by rushing anything.    If you haven't donated toward her care, please do.  We are not going to let money get in the way of what she needs to get better.  She will get whatever she needs.  Thanks for caring and being a part of her Journey to Survive and Thrive.

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