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BUBBLES has now reached the status of being a bonafide Queen.     She is now Queen Bubbles based on how she is feeling and all the things she is demanding.   She has now decided that she is feeling so incredible that she should get whatever she wants.  She now doesn't want one elk antler bone, she wants the entire box full and no one else can have one until she has licked and played with each bone and toy and discarded which ones she does not want.  It appears that each day one bone becomes her favorite one for the day.    The next time she goes to the box, it will be a different one.  All I know is that she is loving Life.  


The real reason why she is a Queen is because she has decided that taking her 40 holistic pills with a can of sardines is not good enough for her.  Each pill has to be wrapped in PROSCIUTTO before she will even consider taking even the first one.  For the last two days, she has refused to take any pills at all.  It didn't matter what I put them in to disguise them, she was not having any part of it.   She would take one sniff and turn her back, until this morning.   I gave her a piece of prosciutto and boy was she excited.   I then had to put one pill in each piece and roll it up.  The entire time she was wagging her tail in pure delight.    It is no telling what she will demand tomorrow.


The other great news is that she chases a frisbee with all of the other dogs.   She is the first one to get there and get the frisbee and then has them chase her.     Whatever Life Bubbles had before we rescued her is so far removed from her mind that I don't even think she remembers anything but where she is right now and how she is feeling.    Life is incredible as far as she is concerned.  She still has the cancer and it is still in her lungs but her spirits and mental attitude are over-riding everything in favor of Live Life in the Present Moment.  Love and Laughter is the best medicine of all.   I have also put up a new video of her playing with a toy outside on her web page.  Just click on the Donate link below and then click on video and you will see it.


Have a wonderful Memorial Day tomorrow and please REMEMBER to give thanks to all those that have given their all for us to have our Freedom.    Our MILITARY deserve to be treated like Kings and Queens for more than a day but especially on Memorial Day. 

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