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BUBBLES Update.....I want to point something out and I want to be very clear about this issue. We DO NOT address critical medical issues with any individual, doctor, surgeon, vet tech, etc, via FACEBOOK. The lives of our animals are too precious and the medical issues are too CRITICAL. The only people that we take medical advice from are the professionals we consult with on our dogs. We reach out to the best in the industry and after getting all of the FACTS, we then decide the best course of action for the animal. Each animal is different and no two circumstances are the same. No one ever knows how any procedure is going to turn out. If we did, then we would be GOD and we are not. We are not saying where Bubbles is going for safety reasons. The surgeons and the hospital DO NOT have time or the resources to take all of the calls that come in for an animal like Bubbles. It takes away from the focus of treating the animal. All we care about is the safety and welfare of Bubbles. Her comfort and pain management have been discussed in great detail. We would not proceed if that was not something they are able to handle. We are dealing with the best Surgeons in the field and the best Oncologist. If someone wants to donate directly to the Hospital, then they will have to wait until after the procedure and Bubbles is gone. Although we love our Followers and Donors, they DO NOT get to dictate the medical care for our animals. We leave that to the Specialists. 

Bubbles is a happy dog that deserves this chance to have some Quality of Life. We do not know how long she will live before the cancer eventually takes her. As I said before, we are not GOD. What we do know is that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to give her the best possible chance. We have consulted with excellent Oncologist concerning her case and the small area in her lungs. They feel the areas in the lungs are small enough they can be treated. 

We have posted a video that was just taken of a happy Bubbles that is ready for her Journey. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth a million.  Enjoy the video and the Spirit of this incredible dog. Keep her and her Team of Surgeons and caregivers in your thought and PRAYERS. Put POSITIVE Energy into her FIGHT TO LIVE and not into anything NEGATIVE.

Thanks for caring about her and her Journey to Survive and Thrive.



Jennifer Smith, President

Noah's Arks Rescue


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