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BUBBLES pathology came back.  The bone margins are cancer free from the tumor that was removed on her face.  We have good margins on the skin area also.  The problem is that cells in the skin cannot be 100% since we already removed as much skin as was possible given the size of the tumor.  There might be a few that are still there but not enough for us to worry about them since this type is tumor is a bone tumor.  Having clean bone margins is what is most important right now.  Her bone margins are now showing no signs of cancer at all.
Even though the e-coli infection on her face is clearing up, she still has to be on an antibiotic for another week.  The problem is that we have to take her off the Amikacin since she is showing signs of it weakening her kidneys.  We are in the process of doing an extended culture panel to see if we can come up with something else to use.  The last panel we did showed the bacteria was ONLY sensitive to the Amikacin.  She has been getting fluids along with the drug to protect her kidneys but that does not appear to be enough right now.  We have several Specialists working on what to do next to rid her of the infection.

As you can see from the video, our sweet girl is loving Life and spending as much time as possible outside enjoying the beautiful weather we are having.  Her eye and facial stitches have all been removed.
We have gotten a lot of phone calls with people wanting to know who adopted Bubbles and where she will be going.  We never give out that information to protect people's privacy and the animals.  We want Bubbles to have a normal Life just like any other dog.  She will be with us for another month while her infection is going away and she has healed from her surgery.  She will then begin her chemo and will come back every three weeks for her chemo sessions.  Bubbles is loving Life as a dog that is loved and cherished for the special girl that she is.


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