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Our sweet BUBBLES is out of surgery and doing well.  She is comfortable and sleeping and will be for the rest of the night.  We will keep her very quiet for the next 4 days so she can adapt to not having the tumor and to keep her pain under control.  Her pain should subside significantly by then.  All went well during the surgery.  They were able to get almost all of the tumor.  If anything is left, then it is microscopic.  Reconstructive surgery was done right after the tumor was removed. The surgeons were well prepared and did not encounter any problems.  Bubbles was given three pints of blood during surgery and will be given one more pint to help her recover faster from the procedure later tonight or tomorrow.  Our sweet girl was stable without any signs of distress during the procedure.  Bubbles eye was sitting at the top of her tumor.  Her optic nerve was stretched but appears to be viable.  The eye was put back into place and the eye opening was tacked down to it's original place.  We will not know for a while if she will be able to see from that eye.  The fact the eye was healthy enough to be put back is a Miracle.  She will have lots of swelling over the next couple of days which is normal.  Her eye area will also be swollen.  The worst part is over for our sweet girl.  She survived the most complicated surgery and is stable.  I have chosen to not post any of her post surgery pictures until after she is up and moving around.  That should be in a couple of days.  She looks amazing for a dog that just had a massive tumor removed from her head.   When I left her today she was snoring and in a very peaceful slumber.  Bubbles will remain in ICU for the next couple of days with 24 hour care.  Her every move will be closely monitored.  


We greatly appreciate all of the support and prayers for the most amazing dog.  She is finally free of a tumor that she has had for years.  We are getting tons of phone calls and e-mails. The only way to get updates is on her web page.  The person that answers our Noah's Arks Rescue line cannot give you any updates.  You can only get them through our web site.  Right now, our focus is to get Bubbles well and to make sure she has everything she needs to heal.  Please, be patient.  We will post an update as soon as we can.  Also, be considerate of the fact that we have a lot of Abused Animals that are all getting major medical care.  They each deserve the best possible care we can give them.  


Thanks for caring and being a part of Bubbles Journey to Survive and Thrive.  We greatly appreciate your support and patience.



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