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Our sweet girl made it through surgery.   Once the the Surgeon got Bubles sedated he was able to access the situation better and soon realized that what he thought he was going to do today was not possible.   We have good news and we have bad news.   It appears the bony tumor she originally had has come back and re-invented itself.  The cells that were left behind have now come back as a soft tissue tumor that appears to be meaner and stronger than ever.  I was asked by the surgeon right after he saw what he was dealing with if I wanted  to say good-by to our sweet girl now before he proceeded any further.   We spoke briefly about what was going to have to happen to save her and if that wasn't going to be done then there was no point in going forward.   I agreed to do whatever it was going to take to give her the best possible life and told him to proceed.   The tumor was now behind the eye area that we removed and had taken over part of her sinuses and into her mouth.  He was able to remove 50% of the tumor and the rest we will have to address with linear radiation which we are going to begin in two weeks.   


Bubbles has been resting comfortably and has begun eating a special liquid diet.  This morning she also ate some canned food.  Her Spirits are great and all she wants to do is go outside, go for a walk and breathe fresh air.   I have never seen a dog more determined to enjoy every second of her Life the way Bubbles does daily.   Every day is a gift to her that she cherishes.  


Bubbles has Oncologists all over the World working on her case to make sure no stone goes unturned.    A biopsy has been sent off and should be back this week to determine the best course of action for our wonderful girl.   I always say that an animal will let us know when it is time to say good-bye.   Bubbles will let us know when she is tired and ready to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  Right now, she is strong as an ox and is up to the task of living.  We are going to do everything possible so her Quality of Life is not compromised by any procedures.   We are only after treatments that can keep the tumors from spreading and to make her more comfortable while she is living her Dream of one more day being loved and adored by everyone that meets her.    Bubbles has literally stolen everyone's heart.   Her strength and courage is amazing.    The only reason why she survived as long as she did with that massive tumor on her head is because she never gave up.    She wanted to be here then and she wants to be here now more than ever.   


Even though we have a great Family that wants to adopt our dear girl, the chance of that happening are getting slimmer each day because of the return of her cancer.    The good news is that Bubbles will live the rest of her life with me.   She will then be able to get all of her radiation and be closely monitored if anything changes with her health.    My pack of 6 and my Husband are already giving me a funny look as I type this.   My Husband is the greatest person in the World and deep in his heart, he knows I have to look after BUBBLES.

We didn't get the results that we wanted so we are going to have to deal with the results we got.   Since Bubbles is up to the task of living, then we are going to have to be up to the task of doing whatever it takes for her to be happy and comfortable during this next phase.   We are still taking donations for her continued care and her new series of radiation.   Please, help us do whatever is necessary for that to happen.

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