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Our sweet Bubbles is back at the University of Florida having more surgery this afternoon.   The mass at the roof of her mouth has gotten uncomfortable  and is bleeding.   The culture that came back did not show cancer cells but did show that  she still has the pseudomonas infection.   The surgeons have determined that we will have to remove her eye since it seems to the place the bacteria is coming from.   Bubbles is comfortable and sleeping this morning getting ready for her procedure this afternoon.   


Our last cat scan of her lungs showed the masses had not gotten any larger which is good.   We are still very hopeful the Samarium treatment will get rid of some of the masses.  We will not know the full extent of the Samarium treatment until at least three months after the dose she had in Missouri.  


For everyone that keeps asking about Bubbles Quality of Life, I can let you know that she is a happy girl that is loving life.   What she is having to go through does not seem to be effecting her loving Spirit or zest for Life.  All of her bloodwork is excellent and her health is great considering what she has endured in her Lifetime.   She is strong as a water buffalo and acts like one at times.   It is very hard on us when we have to do any type of surgery or procedure on her.    Her quality of Life is our top priority.  Every procedure is discussed in great detail with the best specialist around before we do anything.  Right now, we need to get rid of the infection and the source of it.     Our gut feeling is that there will be tumor cells in the mass they are going to remove.   We are hoping that will not be the case but are prepared if it is.    We are ready for Bubbles to get through the next stage of her Journey.  Please, keep her in your prayers for a good outcome.   This next phase is going to tell us a lot about her longterm outcome.  


One thing I am faced with every day in rescue is having to deal with facts that cannot be changed.   One fact I embrace daily is that we chose to rescue Bubbles and give her the best possible outcome of living a life free of the mass she had been carrying around for years.   She has let us know each and every day how much her freedom has meant by the zest for life and the loving spirit she has.    For  anyone that says she needs to be put down, you are wrong.   Quality of Life comes in many different forms.   Bubbles comes from finding happiness in the smallest things that she could not do before.   A simple walk was almost impossible.  She now will take off and run and play with her leash in her mouth.   Even if she does't need a leash on, she likes to have one in her mouth so you can try and grab it from her.  The minute you get close, she will turn her head and take off in another direction.  When she gets tired she will come right up to you and literally wrap her arms around you.   The last time she was at the hospital in Charleston after her radiation treatment, I came in to see her.   I was only allowed to be with her for short periods of time because of the radiation.   I was literally warned and threatened by the doctors too many times to mention that I was going to have to leave the hospital if I did not limit my time with her because of radiation exposure.   I would hug and love on Bubbles and then would have to scrub  my hands, arms, etc.    The last time I was washing up, Bubbles had decided she wanted to wash up too.  She had a leash on that was clipped to an ER table but that did not stop our girl from coming in for a final kiss.  She stretched across the space until she could stand up with her paws on the opposite side of the counter.  She then stretched her head across the counter and gave me the biggest kiss and put her paws under the water to wash them.  I LOVE this wonderful girl.  You do not have to worry about her Quality of Life because I worry about it every second of the day.   

Pray hard and pray often for the most amazing  dog named Bubbles.   Our sweet girl never gives up on us taking care of her every need.   Whatever she needs she gets.   She also knows, we will not allow her to suffer if her Quality of Life is not there.   


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