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Our dear Bubbles has put all of her weight back on.  She is now a very happy MOOSE.  We took her back to Florida to see her surgeon and to do her scans after we had been doing chemo.  We have good news and we have bad news.  The bad news is that the chemo we have been using has not slowed down the small tumors in her lungs.  They are still slow growing and are still there.  We also found a small area in her cheek bone where another tiny tumor has begun.  We are clearing up a nasty bug that has been in her cheek where the surgery was done and the new antibiotic is finally getting rid of that.  


The GOOD news is that she is healthier than she has ever been.  Her bloodworm gives us no indication that she has cancer in her system.  We only know this from her scans.   We have spoken to the best Oncologist and Radiologist in the country and they all agree that Bubbles is a great candidate for a type of chemo and radiation that is done at a speciality Hospital in Missouri.  We are now making arrangements to get her there.  The first thing that has to be done is to inject a special solution to see if the treatment will work for her type of cancer.  If her tumors light up after the injection, it means her tumors will absorb the solution and will have the best possible chance to destroy them .  If she is not a candidate then we will go to plan B which is still being addressed.  


Bubbles comfort, well-being and quality of Life is our top priority.  Everything we do puts that up at the top of the list.  That is why we are taking her to Missouri.  The treatment is extremely expensive.  There is no way to get around the cost.  We feel it is the best chance Bubbles has to destroy the tumors she has.   Every precaution is being taken every step of the way to make sure her health is not being compromised.  She is also getting a holistic protocol to help her immune system.  We love this courageous girl.  To see where she was and where she is now is a Miracle.  Her strength and courage inspires all of us to never give up.   


Bubbles favorite this is to carry around her leash in her mouth and run with it.  That is what she is doing in this picture.  We have also posted a video of her running with her lease on her web page.  Just click on her donate link below and it will take you to her web page.


Please, help us with her latest treatment.  Most animals never get a chance to be saved with this procedure because of the cost.   Bubbles is lucky that we will do whatever it takes to get our animals well.   Bubbles will be leaving in the next two weeks  to begin her treatment.  Please, keep her in your prayers that this new treatment will work.  Thanks for caring and being a part of her Journey to Survive and Thrive





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