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Sweet BUBBLES is doing amazing.  She has gained almost 14 pounds since we removed her 9 lb. tumor.  All she wants to do is play and run around.  She went to see our Eye Specialist this past week and the stitches around her eye have been removed.  At that time, Bubbles could not see anything out of the eye.  We are going to give her about a month before we decide if she would be better off having the eye removed or keeping it.  It could be wishful thinking but I think she can see a little bit out of the eye.  The last few days, I have noticed her rolling the eye as if she was trying to focus.  The Ophthalmologist is far more qualified than me but one can always hope.  Whatever is going on with Bubbles eye does not seem to bother her at all.  She is running and playing like a puppy.  It is amazing how much energy she has now that she no longer has a tumor that is taking all of her nutrients to thrive.  


Bubbles will start doing her chemotherapy over the next three weeks.   Our first concern is to regain her weight back and be as healthy as possible before we begin this next phase.  I am very happy to report that we have a wonderful Family that is waiting to adopt our dear girl.  Because they live in North Carolina, Bubbles will have to go back and forth several times a month from there to Charleston, SC so she can continue with the incredible medical team she has here.  Once she is done with all of her treatments, she will only have to come back every couple of months.  We usually keep our animals until they are done with all of their treatments.  Because of the tragic beginning Bubbles had, I feel very strongly about her being part of a wonderful Family now.  As far as Bubbles is concerned, Life is Great and she is as happy as can be.


We are still taking donations for our sweet girl and will be until she has finished her final Cancer Treatment.   All of our dogs are also on a holistic protocol to keep their immune systems as strong as possible while they are being treated.  The good news is that Bubbles type of cancer is very slow growing.  We are still waiting for her final biopsy to come back from the large tumor that was removed.  Once the final results are in, we will know exactly what has to happen next.  In the meantime, Bubbles is running and playing to her hearts content.

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