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Today has to be one of the hardest days I have experienced in rescue.    At 5:26 this evening, I had to say good-bye to BUBBLES.    I am still in shock, as I am typing this.  The last two days she has been happy and playful like she has been for the last three months.  She quit eating even prosciutto this morning and I discovered her abdomen had become swollen.   I looked at her gums and they were barely pink so I rushed her to the hospital.   We did bloodwork and x-rays of her lungs to see what had suddenly changed.  Her bloodwork was great and she was not anemic.   She was not getting enough oxygen.   The x-rays showed that the tumors in her lungs had almost doubled in size.   One lobe of her lungs was not functioning at all and was putting pressure on her heart.   She couldn't get enough oxygen and fluid was building up in her lower half because of pressure on the heart.   My only options were to say good-bye or to do a Thoracotamy and remove the lung lobe that was not functioning.    I could not put this amazing dog through any more surgery.   She has been the happiest I have ever seen an animal be and has loved every second of Life since I rescued her.    I knew I had to say good-bye.  I brought her home and let her rest in all of her special places with me wrapped around her in our typical spoon position.    I made arrangements for Dr. Jason King, that knew Bubbles well and loved her, to come to the house to say our final good-byes.   Bubbles went peacefully to sleep cradled in my arms.    


‚ÄčI am sure this note is as much a shock to everyone as it is to me.   I still can't believe she is gone.    If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing.   Bubbles had the biggest heart I have ever experienced.    She fought to get her chance at happiness and she WON.   She was the happiest most loving dog.   We will all miss her.   I wish we had more time together but the time we had was amazing.   I have cherished every second with her since the day she was rescued.   She lived her Life completely to the final breathe.    She knew Love.   She gave Love.   She was Love.    She will forever be missed and forever cherished.   She never gave up on us and we never gave up on here.

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