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For this particular dog, i wish this message had a drum-roll to go with it.  Her transformation has been nothing short of Miraculous.   Sweet Bubbles is up and around.  The staff is doing their best to keep her calm but for some reason she is up and ready to go.  Her head that once tilted to the left from the weight of the tumor, now slightly tilts to the right.  Bubbles still has lots of swelling around the left eye but it is nothing compared to what we had anticipated.  You can't see her left ear in the picture but it is there tucked behind her head.  She has amazed us every step of the way.  No matter what obstacle comes her way, she takes it head on with more determination than any other animal we have had.  She must have known deep down inside that we were out there somewhere just waiting for her to arrive.  She also knew we would do whatever it took to give her the Life she so deserved.   I am so excited for Bubbles that I can barely type.  Our dear girl is a true testament to the unbelievable strength and courage animals have when they want  to live and be here.  She has waited her entire Life for someone to help her.  We are so honored that she trusted us enough to allow this to happen.  There were so many times over the last three weeks that she could have easily given up.   She NEVER gave up and was always willing to share her Love with everyone.  Her slobbery kisses and mucous draining eye was always greeted with a hug and a big towel.  We all looked like something terrible had happened to us after hanging out with her.  None of that mattered, when compared to what Bubbles had been dealing with for so long.  


I was going to wait until Thanksgiving to do her unveiling but I just couldn't hold off any longer sharing her with all the people that we LOVE and ADORE.  We believed this was possible and you trusted and believed in us.   Thank-you so much for your unwavering dedication to saving the Life of an Abused Animal and allowing us to do what we do best.   We would go to the ends of the Earth if we found out that was where the best Surgeons and Medical Specialist were.  If one of our animals needed that person, we would do everything in our power to make it happen.     


Bubbles still has some hurdles to overcome but they are nothing compared to what she has already achieved.  Thanks for being part of her Journey to Survive and Thrive.  

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