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Our big boy is finally strong enough to be transferred to the University of Florida for his surgery.   We took him down on Thursday so they could do the initial tests that will be required before they undertake removal of the massive tumor he has.   Over the last month, we have had to work non-stop to keep him calm enough, so he does not burst the mass on the side of his head.   The bulk of the tumor is small compared to the mass that is filled with blood-tinged fluid.   Roman had a nasty sinus issue that has finally cleared up and is making him more comfortable.   We are also treating his ear infection that is part of the problem from the tumor invading his ear canal.   The biggest issues we have had to deal with is getting his pain under control from his tumor.   The tumor is so stretched and large that it has a constant fever and hurts all the time.   We have finally found a medicine that does not knock him out but takes away the pain without irritating his stomach.   


In he beginning, Roman was very disconnected from people.  He could care less if they were around or not.  Someone left him outside, and he was on his own.  Dogs in general love human contact.  They have the person they count on for getting and receiving love and care from.   Roman's demeanor showed us that had no one.  He never looked at the door to see if anyone was coming for him.  He had resided to the fact he was all alone.   Well, I am happy to report that he has now decided that we are his people.   He looks for us and anyone that walks by for love and cuddles.  He has made a complete turn around in the last week.    He loves Life and loves all of the attention.  He loves us and is so happy that he actually SMILES.    When I drove him down to Florida this week, it was my Daughter Jori and I taking him.   We had to stay in the van for two nights with that massive tumor draining all over us.  The minute we would get him to stop rubbing it on everything and go to sleep, he would be back in our face again.  Needless to say, there was no sleeping going on.   The World according to Roman consisted of him sitting on the seats and couch and if we could find a place on top of him, then all was well in the World.   No matter where we ended up, floor or seat, Roman was part of it.


Roman needs this surgery to survive.  If we do nothing, the tumor will take over his left eye, and he will be blind in that eye.  The tumor will slowly kill him, and there will be nothing we can do to stop it if we do not act now.    This is Roman's chance, and we need everyone's help to make this happen for him.   He is an amazing dog that should not have to be dealing with this massive ball on his head.    The surgery and reconstruction alone will be close to $10,000.  That is in addition to what we have already spent to get him healthy enough to have the surgery.   We will then need to do either chemotherapy or radiation to stop the cancer cells from coming back.   We will do whatever it takes to give him the best possible chance to have a great Life for a very long time.   He will die a horrible, painful death without this.   Roman is as strong as an ox.  He can pull several people all over the parking lot without even getting tired.   


We need for everyone to give as much as you can to make this possible.  We want to get the funds in before he goes into surgery to know we have everyone behind us.   If you can't donate, please, please, please share with all of your friends.    We will post again before he goes into surgery on Tuesday to keep everyone updated on his progress.  Every surgery has it's risks, and this one is no different.  Please, keep our dear boy in your prayers that he survives the surgery and goes on to live a long Life filled with unconditional Love.  


If you are interested in adopted this massive hunk of Love, please fill out our Adoption Application to be considered.   Please, realize he will not get to leave until he is done with all of his treatments.

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