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As you can tell from the picture, our dear Roman has come a long way since the first day we rescued him.  His massive tumor was removed, radiation was done, and we got him into the most amazing home where he is spoiled rotten.  Unfortunately, last week when he went in for his check-up, scans, and bloodwork, his Oncologists found another small tumor on his abdomen.  His check x-rays came back fine, and we did not find any tumors in his lungs that had metastasized.  We went ahead and scheduled surgery to have the tumor removed and sent off for a biopsy.  Unfortunately, the tumor came back as a Mast Cell Tumor.  This is the second cancer he has had and is different than the original large mass that was removed.


Based on how incredible Roman's bloodwork is, we feel great about his prognosis.  He has been on Chemotherapy and will have to remain on the Chemo based on his biopsy results.   I don't think he is getting new tumors; I just think the one we found, this time, was very small and undetectable during his last exam.    We love and adore this amazing dog.  He puts a smile on our faces every time we get to see him.  The best part of all is that he lives in our area and is close by his Oncologist and Surgeon in Charleston.


Roman along with a lot of our dogs getting Chemo is on Palladia, which is very expensive.  His dose of Palladia costs us $80. a day because of his size.   We have to keep him on his meds to give him the best possible chance.  We pick up any Medical Bills for pre-existing conditions on any animal that has been adopted from us.  That is a lot of animals that are still under our care.  


Please, help us with Roman's recent Surgical Bills and his Palladia medication.     We are never going to turn our back on any animal of ours.  When you adopt from us, we are there for the Life of the animal.   They are our Family and always will be.  Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal Possible.  We greatly appreciate the Support.

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