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I am happy to report that Roman did well during his procedure.  We had hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.  Surgery went so well that we did not have to give our dear boy a transfusion.   He is in recovery, resting comfortably.    He will remain in ICU until the surgeons feel he is stable enough to be transferred.    The tumor will be sent off for a comprehensive biopsy report.  Once we get the report back, we will have a clear picture of exactly what has to happen next for Roman to have the best possible outcome.   Dr. Boston felt very good about the surgery and was able to get more of the tumor than she originally thought possible.  Lymph nodes in the adjoining areas were also removed.   We will have to wait for the final biopsy to determine if radiation will be necessary.  


The next couple of days, the focus will be keeping Roman comfortable, controlling the swelling and keeping his nausea under control.  When Bubbles had her massive tumor removed, her neck muscles had been strained and stretched for so long that we had to do a lot of physical therapies to get her neck to respond to not having the weight.   Her head had begun to lean in the opposite direction, and it was very painful for her to hold it in a normal upright position.  It took weeks for her to do that comfortably.   I can imagine that Roman might feel a little bit the same way.    Right now, we can all breathe a sign of relief that he is out of surgery and resting comfortably.  You will notice in two of the pictures that Roman can now lay his head down on his left side.   That is a Miracle.   


Thanks for caring and helping us with this amazing dog.

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