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Sweet Roman has been at Carolina Veterinary Specialist (CVS) in Matthews, NC receiving his Radiation Therapy for the last two weeks.  He has radiation five days a week and then has the week-end off but remains in the hospital.   Everyone there loves our big boy.   They have all learned his special ways and when he has had enough poking and prodding for the day. Once he reaches that point, they immediately take him outside and let him run off his extra energy and play.   Radiation is never easy for an animal, but Dr. Philip Treuil's wonderful Team at CVS is one of the best when it comes to taking care of our animals and making the process as pleasant as possible.    Roman has six more weeks of radiation to give him the best possible chance of beating the two cancers that he has.  The next couple of weeks we are expecting to see the results of the radiation on his skin and inside his mouth.  It will feel like a slight burn to Roman, and he will be treated as such.   So far, he has not had any side-effects from the course of radiation he has had.    We are hoping he will not, but are prepared if he does.   Dr. Treuil is adapting Roman's treatment to keep him as comfortable as possible during the entire process.  That is one of the many reasons why we send all of our radiation patients to him.  He has also worked on my personal dogs and has had remarkable results.  


Thanks for helping us with this amazing boy.  He is a wonderful dog that we are still looking for a perfect home for.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application if you would like to add this great big beautiful boy to your household.   He is fabulous and should be around for a  long time after his treatments.

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