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Sweet Roman has had a little bit of a setback since he arrived back from the University of Florida Vet. Medical Center.   He has had excessive swelling on the left side of his face.  His Surgeons originally thought it was from the e-collar he has to wear but now their thoughts are that he has a seroma.   He is back in the ER closely monitored to make sure it does not become infected.   Prior to this, he has been doing incredible.   The swelling began a couple of days ago and has slowly progressed.   Unfortunately, we have had to cancel his radiation at Carolina Veterinary Specialists with Dr. Treuil for Monday until the seroma has gone done.  We are hoping he can begin his treatment in one week.  Radiation is a critical part of his program to keep the tumor from coming back.   We also did an aspirate of his spleen, and I am happy to report it came back clean.   


Roman is an amazing dog that wants nothing more than to run around, let the wind blow in his face when the car window is down and lay in your lap.  He is also quite fast for an animal his size and can run circles around all of us.   When he walks, he trots and prances like a horse until he goes fast, and then stretches out his legs and runs.   He has such perfect form that he is beautiful to watch.   He reminds me a lot of how Bubbles would prance around with a leash in her mouth just daring you to reach for the leash.  The minute you would get close to the leash, she would take off in the opposite direction.   She loved playing, and so does Roman.


We have one more week to raise the funds we need for Roman's extensive Radiation and Chemotherapy protocol.   His bills are mounting again and we have to make sure we have some of the upcoming expenses covered.  Thanks for caring and being part of the amazing Journey Roman is embarking on.

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