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Roman is doing well.  He is still heavily sedated but got up and went outside last night for the first time.   His urinary catheter has been removed which gives him more freedom.   He does not like to be fooled with which happens when an animal has been in the hospital a while, and a lot of of tests have to be run.   The first day he was totally knocked out from the meds so he could be kept comfortable, and the Vet Techs could administer his eye drops, ice his large incision and change his bandages.  If he continues improving the way he is, we will bring him back to the hospital in Savannah, GA where he already knows everyone.   This way, he can relax in an environment that he is familiar with and get his medical care.   The critical part now is keeping the swelling down and the area clean.   He has several bandage changes a day that are making this possible and lots of cold wraps.   He is not a fan of the cold but will tolerate it for about six minutes at a time.   Considering all that has happened to him over the last 48 hours, I would say he is doing wonderfully.   His biopsy reports will not be back until next week.  We have to have the full report back before we can decide if radiation or chemotherapy would benefit him.  In the meantime, he has to heal from his procedure before we can determine what the next step is.   Thanks for caring about this dear boy.  He is an amazing dog that can now look forward to a Life without his massive tumor.

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