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Our sweet boy is doing wonderful.  He loves to run and play with the other dogs he is being fostered with.  His wounds are healing beautifully.  He goes to the hospital in the daytime and comes home at night.  He still has some issues with food aggression which we have been working on from the beginning.  Most of his food has to be fed to him in the palm of the hand to stop this tendency.  We have him gaining weight slowly because of the issues he is having with the carpal area of his front legs.  If his legs do not correct over time, we will look into getting him braces that will support the ankle area.  Freckles will leave on Tuesday to go and live with our Trainer.  She will address any issues he has trusting certain people and his food aggression.  He will stay with her until the issues are either corrected or we have figured out what the triggers are that set him off.  He is still our sweet little Land Shark that we are committed to healing physically and  mentally.  Any animal that has been tortured the way Freckles has is going to have issues.  He is a lot better than most and will get as much rehabilitation and socialization as is needed for him to feel comfortable and safe.  A comfortable, relaxed dog is a happy dog and that is our ultimate goal.  Freckles loves animals and is delighted when he can get outside and play.  To go from an animal that could not stand to one that runs like the wind is a Miracle.  Thanks for all the help that enabled us to save him. 

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