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We wanted to give everyone a chance to see how well all of Freckles wounds are healing.  The only one that still has us concerned is the one that still has the stitches on it.  That is the site where the beads were inserted.  We do not see any indication the antibiotic beads are not working since the site does not have any swelling or drainage.  The main issue we are going to have to address is the ankle area on our sweet boy.  Because he was so emaciated, his body was not getting enough nutrients to supply his muscles and ligaments with the proper amount for his muscles and ligaments to hold his body upright.  Because of this his carpal area has collapsed.  It has regained enough strength to hold him upright but is still partially collapsed.  We are having him evaluated by an Orthopedic Surgeon to see what has to happen to prevent any further damage and for him to regain the strength he will need in his ankles to support the weight he is gaining.  We have had to cut back on his calories to slow down the weight until we figure out what to do about this problem.  We will know more over the next week, once he has been seen by all of the specialist.  Our little boy comes into the hospital during the daytime and goes home with his Foster Family at night.  That seems to be working out great.  He will still have to go live with the Trainer once he is done with all of his in Hospital medical care.  Because Freckles is stable and his progress is slow, we will be posting only once a week unless we have important news.  Please, remember, no news is GOOD News.  We have 48 dogs that are all getting medical care.  We have 8 that are in critical care in hospitals.  Each animal gets the same dedication and medical care that Freckles gets.  We do our best to respond to every e-mail. Please, respect what we do so we can continue helping animals.  We have lots of animals that are not stable now that need all the attention we can give them so they can get well.  The bills keep coming in and we don't even have time to post for them because of all that it takes to save them.  Don't bombard us with questions on how Freckles is doing.  He is doing great and if that changes, you will get a notice immediately.  Thanks for all the care and support for all of our abused animals.  Enjoy the video of his running on his main web page during Rehab.

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