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Our sweet Freckles is doing amazing. 


FRECKLES – he is the most handsome 2-year-old American Bulldog/Great Dane Mix. He has this gentleness in his big brown eyes, engaging and sweet. In his short life he has endured so much, he has left his past behind and is focusing on his long, happy life ahead of him.


It takes FRECKLES some time to warm up to people and to trust again. But, if you have patience and love, in time he will come to you. FRECKLES gets nervous around younger children and men. Strangers should be calm and relaxed, until he gets to know you. He also likes to chase cats and smaller animals, therefore no small animals should live with him. He loves to run and play with large dogs. The other dogs should be able to stand their ground around him. FRECKLES is a work in progress, he works diligently with our trainer to continue to get acclimated back into a normal dog society. He knows his commands and practices them daily.


Someone with experience in dog training, by handling a large dog who’s been abused, would be great. Like every young dog, he will need some guidance to learn right from wrong and to grow into the perfect family member. The family who will be able to adopt him will be very lucky.


Believe in our sweet Freckles, he is truly a magnificent boy. 

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