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Our sweet FRECKLES cannot get a break.  We noticed a lesion forming near his skin graft and immediately had him at the ER in Charleston.  We had a biopsy done and it came back he has MRSA again.  The good news is that it is not the human MRSA he had before but the dog version which is easier to treat.  We just started him on his new protocol which he will be on for the next 30 days.  The bad news is that he cannot enjoy his favorite pastime which is playing with other dogs.  He has to be quarantined away from them until the infection is totally gone.  Dog MRSA is all around.  Most dogs do not get it unless their immune system has been compromised and then they are susceptible to it and a lot of other bad infection.  That is why Freckles acquired this one.  His immune system is still very weak and will be for quite a while.  The best news is that it is not the MRSA he  before.  That would be very bad for him because it would mean that his system had become septic with it again.  All of his blood work is within the normal range and all of his incisions, including the graft we did, are healing beautifully.  Our dear boy is still in training and will be until we get his little Land Shark tendencies under control.  He still does not like strangers coming right up to him but gets comfortable when he is given time to relax and make sure the person is not going to hurt him.  We love how sweet and loving he is when he trusts you.  Freckles is putting all of his weight back on slowly.  In our hearts we all believe he either has some Mastiff or some Great Dane in him based on the length of his legs and the size of his paws......BIG.   

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