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FRECKLES, FRECKLES, FRECKLES! We are always pleased with Freckles continual success in finding happiness in his life. He is still looking for his forever family. Our hopes are as he continues to make progress trusting others; his special someone will walk into his fun-loving life just at the right time. 
We can't much blame Freckles for his lack of trust. People haven't been his best ally. With his continual training and socializing he is making progress. He's a silly boy, who has NO idea of his size or goofiness. 
It is going to take someone special for Freckles. His forever family will also have to understand that Freckles will never like your unexpected guests and certainly not the mailman or a random delivery guy. He won't be a dog who can play in dog parks or go for walks through socially active venues. What he will be is loving, playful, super silly and incredibly sweet once he bonds with you. He will be a good protector but not for the wrong reasons. Most importantly, on your worst day he will look at you with those most amazing brown eyes and he will make all your woes go away and  then lick you until you smile from pure happiness.

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