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Our Sweet Boy FRECKLES has made HUGE progress.   We are going on THREE years since we first rescued him from the worst situation imaginable.    No one thought he could be saved, and a ton of people wanted him to be put down.   His Will to Live was far greater than anyone gave him credit for.  He had already endured unimaginable pain and suffering that went on for months.   Look at the picture of how he was when we rescued him and how he is now.   Our dear boy was in the Hospital for almost nine months recovering.  We did medical treatments and used equipment we had never even heard of before.   He was our first dog to go into a Hyperbaric Chamber to get rid of the MRSA infection he had.  The list goes on and on.   Our greatest achievement was not on his Medical but his Rehabilitation.  


Freckles was our first original Land Shark.   He would nail you in a nano-second if he thought you meant him harm.   Any shiny object reminded him of being abused.  The sweet dog wanted to Love people more than any dog I have ever witnessed and didn't know how because of the abuse.  We have a very special place where Freckles is Boarded where he feels confident and loved.    We have Special Trainers and people that work with him almost Daily.   He now has lots of people that he loves and adores.   It has been years since he has tried to bite anyone.   Freckles has become secure because he knows WE are here to protect him, and he no longer has to.   He now Trusts and Believes in us which is why it is so important for us to find the Right person or Family he can be adopted into.   The wrong person could set him all the way back to the beginning.


I always say the only one on Payroll at Noah's Arks Rescue are the dogs that are hard to place.    Our dear boy Freckles is right at the top of the list.   Based on what has been spent on this dear boy, he could be the CEO of the Company.   If we don't have funds for him or the others, I pick up the bills for them.  Boarding and Training are the only way to Rehabilitate a dog to re-introduce back into our Society and feel confident they are ready.  Each dog gets Rehab and Training until the day they are placed, or they pass on.   They are loved beyond words unconditionally.   Once we take an Abused Animal in, we support and love them for the rest of their Life if a proper home has not been found.   As much as we are their Family and Home, each dog deserves to have their very own Special Person or Family.  That is always our Goal.


We couldn't be more excited for Freckles. His long road to finding his Forever Home is becoming shorter and shorter with each passing day. Today he had a doggie playdate with Hazard & Diezel.  This is the HAPPIEST we have seen Freckles in some time.   He was able to play and just be a dog in the warm sunshine.  This is how Life should be for any animal that is Man's Best Friend.


Freckles is one incredible companion once he trusts you. He needs a strong handler he trusts to love and protect him. He will need someone who can spend time with him in the presence of those he trusts before being introduced into a new home. This person should also be someone who can continue to build his confidence and work him through his obedience daily. 


Freckles is a fun-loving dog who deserves nothing but unconditional love, safety and LOTS of play time. If you think your home and family would be right for Freckles, please, fill out our Adoption Application online to be considered.


Today, we are asking for funds to help all the dogs in Training and Rehab.   Each month, between $8,000. & 10,000. is spent on training and Rehabilitating the dogs so they can be Adopted into a loving Family.   Supplying Medical is only the beginning of their Journey.   Once their medical is completed and they are medically sound, they have to be Rehabilitated.   This is a process; we never post for.   We always have approximately ten animals going through Rehab while waiting for their Special Home.    The one we have had the longest is Primetime, and he has been with us for almost six years.  He is not a bad dog.  We just haven't found the right Family for him.  He is an amazing dog that we hope will someday find his person.  The list goes on and on.   We DO NOT Euthanize dogs just because they have issues, or they have been with us for a long time.   We continue to care and love each one as if they were our Personal Dog until their time comes NATURALLY.


Please, DONATE toward this critical part of Rescuing an animal.   There is no point in saving an animal if you are not going to Rehabilitate them.  That is the ONLY way to give them the best possible chance of success in a loving Home.   Rehabilitation sets a dog up for Success, not Failure and Disappointment   Help Us, Help them by Donating toward this necessary and valuable service. These are the dogs whose Spirits were Broken.  Just look at Freckles loving Life.  That is what we want for each animal in our Care.

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