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Look our happy our sweet boy is in this picture.  He l ooks like a totally different dog that he was 4 months ago.  Miracles happen every day and he is a living, breathing Miracle.  Today he goes in to get cultures done to see if the Staph infection has finally gone away.  His graft and skin incision sites all look great.  He still has a few areas that look a little red and raw but that is to be expected with all his body has had to go through to heal.  Fingers crossed we get a negative culture so he can finally get to run and play with all of the other dogs he loves to be around.  Our dear boy is still being trained so he can overcome his trust issues.  He has a lot to overcome and has made tremendous progress learning to love and trust the people that shower his with affection.  The difference is that now, we see when he gets uncomfortable and we can correct and nurture him back to where he feels safe.  Before he would not give us any warning.  All he wants is to love and trust and we are determined he is going to have all of that.  His training will continue for as long as it takes.  We are committed to him for his Lifetime as we are to all of our dogs.  When you adopt from us, you become part of the Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  We are a Package Deal.  We are in the package with the animal for their Lifetime.  If any medical issues come up after an adoption that relate to medical problems the animal had when we were treating them, we will pick up the medical bills and make sure they get the best possible medical care.  We sometimes have to bring them back to us but usually they can be treated at a place near the new Family.  Every adoption needs to be  a Win / Win for the animal and the new Family.  We do everything we can to make that happen.  Whenever you think of adding a new member to your Family, please, think of our Abused Animals first.  They are all so deserving of a Family they can call their own.  

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