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I greatly appreciate everyone waiting so patiently for an update on sweet FRECKLES.  I will start out by saying he is doing wonderful.  As you can see from the pictures, he is now at a great normal weight for him.  He is over double the weight he was when we first rescued him.  He has filled in beautifully and now weighs a little over 80 lbs.  Over the past month we had noticed a place on one of his legs that had become raw and enlarged.  The vets had been watching it also and we had taken a culture from it to make sure he did not have another infection brewing.  The culture came back inconclusive so he had to be admitted to the hospital to have the area thoroughly investigated and removed if possible.  The area on his leg was a new place that had not given us a lot of problems before.  Since Freckles had so many bouts of MRSA this area had to be addressed.  The surgeons went in and removed the area which turned out to be a large calcium deposit that had formed.  A biopsy and a culture were done and I am so happy to say that this special boy is now FREE of MRSA.  That doesn't mean he may not get it in the future but for now he does not have any areas where it is growing.  That is a Miracle all by itself since Freckles had MRSA all throughout his body when we rescued him.  There was a time we did not think we were ever going to rid his body of it.   it has been an incredible balancing act to rid his body of the MRSA infection and to protect his liver and kidneys in the process.  I am so happy to say, we have done both with the expertise of his Critical Care Physicians.  The other incredible news is that Freckles is now beginning to trust a lot more people.  He is not our Little Land Shark any longer.  That does not mean he does not have his moments but we can see them coming and intervene.  This is another Miracle.  Freckles has been tortured and tormented his entire life by Mankind.  For him to learn to trust has been the biggest hurdle for him to overcome.   We are so proud of this incredible dog and he knows we are proud of him.  You can see it in the way he plays and smiles.  He now believes his worst days are over.  He trusts us and the situations we put him in.  He still doesn't like to go to the hospital because he was there for so long but that is to be expected.  The other incredible news is that we have finally picked what we think will be the best possible home for him.  He will be close enough by where we can get him if any problems arrive.  He can come back to the surgeons that know him the best if he should get sick.  He will be out in the country where he can run and play with other dogs and a Family that will love, cherish and protect him.  We are so excited for our special boy to finally have a home of his own.  All of our animals have a home with us but we want them to have a home they can call their own.  Freckles will not leave until his new wound has healed.  We are planning on him leaving the first of December.   We will miss him terribly but will celebrate his Journey to survive and thrive.  He is the most courageous boy that beat the odds and WON.  He never gave up on Life and never gave up on us.  Thanks for being a part of his Journey.

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