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FRECKLES is doing wonderful.  He is finally getting over his MRSA infection that came back on his leg.  We thought we were going to have to cut the area out but the antibiotics finally stated to do their job and the area is now going away.  Our sweet boy now weighs 70 lbs. and still has a ways to go.  We are beginning to think he is a Dalmatian / Great Dane Mix based on the size of his head and his paws.  Our Little Land Shark is finally making lots of headway in the trust department.  Given time, he is learning to trust people that we introduce him to.  He is still in training and will be until he has been placed in a loving home.  His carpal area we think is getting stronger.  It is going to take a long time for this to correct itself because of how weak and emaciated he was when we got him.  He will need to be placed in a home where there is a strong confident handler that he trusts to love and protect him.  He loves to play with all animals but cannot be placed with small animals because he plays far too rough and likes to chase them.  It is not a fair chase since his legs are unbelievably long.  He gallops right past and over them.  The worst is over for  our dear Freckles.  It is now just a matter of getting rid of his final infection, staying on top of his training and weening him off all of his meds that have supported his immune system while he heals.  Thanks for all the love and support you have shown sweet Freckles.  He will soon move into the next stage of his Journey which will be a new home.

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