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Our dear boy is doing wonderful.  All of his wounds are healing nicely.  We only have one that is healing very slowly and that is the one on his front right leg.  He has come down with a sinus infection that is causing us a little problems but nothing that we can't resolve.  We just have to stay on top of it diligently which we are.  Freckles has been living with the trainer for two weeks now and will continue to live there training until we get him to where he can be placed in a loving home.  He is going slowly with his socializing but that is to be expected with all he has gone through.  He is very comfortable with our Trainer and is learning to trust her.  He still has a long way to go with strangers coming up to him.  Freckles is a young dog that was conditioned early to not trust people based on all the physical and mental abuse he endured.  It may take us years to turn this around but turn it around we will.  Eventually his new World will be more in the forefront of his mind than his past.  His old life as he knew it is over.  He just has to learn to trust his new one.  He has already come so far from when we got him.  We couldn't get near him without a muzzle in the beginning.  He will now come up and lay in your lap if he trusts you.  Freckles has obviously been an outside dog that lived with other animals.  They were his best friends and companions.  He loves playing and being with other animals.  He is now only with well socialized, balanced, secure dogs that will also teach him to trust.  We have also decided that he cannot be placed with a Family that has young children.  Chelsea is no longer a possibility since she and her Husband will be having children in the near future.  We are going over all of the applications now with the new information we have obtained from the trainer.  He will not be placed for quite some time until he is done with his training.  Our Adoption Coordinator will be contacting some of the applicants we have that we feel would be possible candidates.  We are still taking applications for him.  If you think you and your Family would be ideal, please fill out the application below.  Freckles is the most loving Soul that so wants to be a part of someone's life and to trust and depend on them to protect him.  If we do not find anyone in the Applicants we have, he will remain with us being loved and adored.  Our hope is for every animal we rescue to have a home they can call their own.  Until that home comes along, they will continue to be loved, cherished and socialized.  Thanks for helping us with Freckles and all the other Abused Animals.  We greatly appreciate your generosity and love for them.

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