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When we rescue an animal, we never know how they will turn out or how long they will live with all the hardships they have endured. No animal has ever survived such a horrifying beginning as Freckles. After being dragged behind a vehicle, our dear boy was found in a dumpster in Baltimore, MD.  Animal Control was called when someone heard him moaning in pain. 


Freckles was starved and broken when he was taken to an ER Hospital. He was x-rayed, which showed a stomach full of pennies.  Surgery was done to remove the pennies, and a feeding tube was put in.  We had Freckles brought to us where he endured a year of surgeries. This sweet boy was less than a year old when he was tortured so severely, he would spend the rest of his Life recovering from the abuse. 


It took Freckles over a year to recover from the physical abuse.  He never fully recovered from the mental abuse he endured.  When he attacked his new Guardian, he was taken back to his Trainer, where he lived out his Life.  Sweet Freckles never fully felt safe and was always on red alert.  One minute he would be happy and playful, and the next, you couldn't go near him. His one constant was his loyal Trainer, Jeff Coltenback that loved him unconditionally.  


Jeff eventually adopted Freckles to give him the Life he always deserved.    He made sure Freckles and anyone around him were always safe.  Freckles was no longer an emaciated pup.  He was big and strong as an ox and could do serious harm if he felt threatened. Jeff's Life and his Families had to work around Freckles and his needs because of his human aggression.  


Our dear boy lived a wonderful Life until he was nine years old.  His injuries and cancer in his leg eventually made it almost impossible for him to get up in the morning.   Once Freckles was up and moving around, he was fine for a little while but became too uncomfortable. Jeff made the best decision possible for our dear boy and helped him cross over The Rainbow Bridge.  Jeff's note to me is below.


"The days were getting harder and harder on him. He even stopped getting up to greet me for our morning time together. But He had a good last day, and his legs were working a bit. So we took a little stroll and hung out in the yard all afternoon. I bathed him - he loved baths. He had some yummies, of course. He was ready and went very peacefully as I whispered in his ear and held him tight."


Freckles is finally whole and loving Life free of all the pain and suffering he endured on this Earth.  Tonight when you look at the Night Sky, look for a million stars scattered all over the universe and one big star shining bright.  Freckles is Home.


We will forever be grateful for Jeff and his Family adopting Freckles and keeping him safe. 

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